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About Fyndoria.Games

Welcome to Fyndoria.Games. A small team of two, father and son, we are passionate about creating card games, board games, and tabletop games, predominantly set in a fictional universe named Fyndoria. The Fyndoria universe is a unique blend of magic, fantasy, and science fiction, waiting to be fully explored.

Our Gaming Expertise and Passion

Between us we have experience in creating both mobile games and tabletop games. We both love playing card and board games, especially the ones that involve group participation, or sabotage.

Current Projects/Games

We have released two games so far: a post apocalyptic vehicular combat tabletop game rulebook called The Last Drifters, and a free wizard skirmish tabletop game ruleset called Crystalline Wars: Arcane Battlegrounds.

We are also working on several game ideas, some of which are in early discussions. We have one card game that will be available in 2024. Crystalline Wars is a fun and simple party game where you are all wizards fighting to control magical elemental crystals. Your goal is to fuse them for greater power, before your opponents steal or destroy them!

These are early days for us at Fyndoria.Games, but we are excited to see what we can do, and look forward to hearing your feedback and reviews of our games that you play. We also welcome suggestions with games that are in development.

Our Approach to Art and Aesthetics

Though we aren’t professional artists, we are committed to delivering visually appealing games, so all art including images on this site are AI-generated, unless stated otherwise.

Stay Connected with Fyndoria.Games

We’re active on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, but for an even deeper dive into our progress, news, and insights, we invite you to join our newsletter. Sign up and ensure you never miss out on what’s coming next!

We appreciate your interest in Fyndoria.Games and hope you’ll find as much enjoyment playing our games as we do in creating them.

News from Fyndoria.Games

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