Crystalline Wars Gamefound Campaign Cancelled

After much deliberation and reflection, we made the difficult decision to end the Crystalline Wars Gamefound campaign early. We recognised a few critical elements that needed our attention, and it became clear that, given the current trajectory, we were not going to reach our funding goal in the allotted time. More importantly, our journey leading up to the campaign highlighted areas where we hadn’t sufficiently built up interest and anticipation for the game.

In line with the feedback and our own evaluation, we’re going to look at implementing some minor changes to enhance the game play experience. Instead of the original points-collection system, we’re pivoting towards a more battle-centric model where players inflict damage on one another, because that then aligns more closely with the spirit of ‘Wars’ in our game’s title. We’ve had a few test plays with this rule, and we’ve found that it works well, and introduces other game modes that still need a bit more testing like teams 2 vs 2, and 3 vs 3 (a bit like Magic the Gatherings 2 headed giant). Moreover, we’d like to reintroduce the concept of wizard cards, an idea we had initially explored but had to put aside due to time constraints. Wizard cards would give each player a unique spell they can cast once per game. We firmly believe that this addition will elevate the strategic depth and enjoyment of the game, while still keeping it simple.

We have also been play testing some other cards like items you carry, and battle zone cards. These all use elemental crystal cards to cast and would deal damage towards players, or heal them etc. These also introduce strategic play as you decide whether you save the elements to create larger fusions, or use one or two of them to do less damage to a player, but more frequently. Some of these new card types might not be in the final game if we find that it’s taking away from the quick pick up and play fun party game, that we felt the original version of Crystalline Wars was.

While ending the campaign might seem like a setback, we see it as an opportunity – a chance to regroup, refine, and come back with a version of Crystalline Wars that’s even better than what we’d envisioned. Rest assured, our passion for this game hasn’t dimmed; it’s only grown stronger with the lessons we’ve gleaned from this campaign. We’re committed to taking a step back, honing the game further, and crafting a strategy that builds a much larger and engaged community of supporters.

Again, thank you for your belief in Crystalline Wars. We hope you’ll join us in the next chapter of our journey, armed with the insights and experience from this campaign, as we work tirelessly to bring our vision to life.

Fyndoria.Games Team

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