Crystalline Wars The Card Game on Kickstarter

Crystalline Wars The Card Game on Kickstarter

We’re excited to announce that the pre-campaign page for Crystalline Wars is now live on Kickstarter. The campaign will officially launch on the 1st of September, 2024. Sign up on the Kickstarter page to be notified when it goes live!

Crystalline Wars is a card game where players become powerful wizards battling for supremacy using elemental crystals. With dynamic battlegrounds, strategic items, and familiar cards, each game offers a unique experience. Whether you’re playing solo or in teams, the goal is to outwit and destroy your opponents and master the arcane forces.

Key Features:

  • Elemental Fusion: Combine crystals to cast powerful spells.
  • Dynamic Gameplay: Battleground cards, familiars, and items add layers of strategy.
  • Multiple Modes: Play solo, in teams, or classic free-for-all.

What’s in the Box?

  • 237 Cards
  • 8 Card Dividers
  • 6 Double Sided Life Counters
  • 1 Rulebook

Join the Adventure

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