The Last Drifters: Progress Report #1 for Salute 51 Show

Welcome to our first progress report for the 2024 Salute 51 show where we will be running participation games of destruction derby throughout the day for “The Last Drifters.” It’s been a busy week, and we’re excited to share what we’ve been up to.

Here’s the rundown of what we’ve done so far:

Game Board

We’ve attached large sheets of XPS foam to a thin MDF board to form a solid base for our game board. The next step is to plot out the figure-eight circuit and to start shaping the landscape as well as adding sand and other natural materials to give it a more realistic look. We’ll show pictures of the board in future progress reports.

Track Scenery

Our 3D printer has been busy making parts for the track, like barriers and tire sections. These printed pieces will add a lot of character to the game board. We’ve also picked out some old vehicles to use as props around the track, adding to the game’s atmosphere.

Customising Game Vehicles

The five vehicles for the game are almost ready. Using a mix of materials like cardboard, plastic, wire, mesh, and some 3D printed parts we’ve added all sorts of details to them, to make them look just right for a Destruction Derby.

The vehicles will be painted in 5 different colours so that the players can easily pick out their vehicle on the track.

Creating Game Tokens

Next on the list are oil and smoke tokens. Instead of the standard printed cards, these will be scratch-built to add a bit more realism on the table.

We are deeply committed to ensuring that the gameplay experience during the Salute 51 event is both engaging and enjoyable. We can’t wait to show you more in our next update. Stay tuned!

The Fyndoria.Games Team

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