The Last Drifters: Progress Report #2 for Salute 51 Show

It has been a relatively slow yet steady week on the project. In the first few evenings of last week, I undertook the tedious task of cutting all the blocks for the track. These blocks, once completed, will form the concrete edges of most of the track.

I must admit, it started to become a bit monotonous by the time I finished these tasks. My very thin saw kept bending, which certainly didn’t help!

Installing all the hooks into the tops of the blocks also took a considerable amount of time.

In the latter part of the week, I also managed to apply a base coat to four of the five vehicles. Painting these was significantly more enjoyable than making the blocks.

All the basic colors have been applied, so next, I will be adding weathering effects to these vehicles to make them look more like they belong in a post-apocalyptic wasteland rather than fresh off a car sales lot.

A little bit of rust, some bare metal, and, of course, plenty of dust should do the trick.

The vehicle I am most concerned about at the moment is the yellow one. It may require a lot of work to achieve the desired effect, as it is really bright. This one may pose a challenge.

The fifth vehicle is currently only primed because I am unsure about what color to paint it… It might be brown, but we are waiting for some neat activation tokens to arrive, which we will use for the game, and I will try to match the fifth color with one of the colors in the token set.

The last unusual vehicle is an addition I have made to serve as a blockade at the track entrance. I envision this vehicle being moved to allow the other vehicles to enter the track and then moved back to seal the track during the race or demolition derby.

I am considering adding some graffiti to the side of the truck. I am not entirely sure what it will be yet, but I am looking forward to experimenting.

Lastly, there are a few test images that I hope to use as track-side advertising. I need enough to cover at least six long boards that will be placed around the outside of the track, so there will be a few more than those shown.

I also hope to add some smaller posters on some of the boards and on some of the blocks. Along with these, I plan to add some graffiti to the concrete blocks as well to introduce a bit more detail.

The next task will be to work on one or two large billboards that will be placed in the inner parts of the track. These will add a bit more color with their posters and will, of course, add some height to the board.

I think the project is progressing at an acceptable pace, but I am keeping an eye on the remaining time. Although there is still a lot of work to be done, I am confident that I can complete it on time.


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