The Last Drifters: Progress Report #3 for Salute 51 Show

The vehicles are now undergoing weathering, starting with a wash to subtly darken or fade the paintwork. Even the yellow vehicle looks significantly improved.

Following that, we’ve applied rust and bare metal effects, lending a nice worn appearance to the vehicles.

The final steps will involve adding highlights to some of the metal and bodywork, followed by a substantial dust effect. At this point, we’re uncertain whether to use a dust wash or dust pigment, as we’re unsure which will hold up better to handling. We plan to apply a varnish coat to all the vehicles, so we might test both effects on an old model to see which works best, especially since the impact of the varnish on the pigment remains unknown, though we anticipate no issues with the wash.

Additionally, we’ve installed all the concrete blocks, Jersey barriers, and other elements to create the track’s surroundings, which looks promising so far.

However, before proceeding, we need to lay down the track surface. This is our first attempt at constructing a board of this size, as our previous projects were limited to small dioramas or individual scenery pieces. This is a significant learning curve for us, particularly for a showpiece.

Nevertheless, we’re hopeful for a positive outcome.

Here’s a full view of the board, giving an idea of the track’s potential despite the current mess.

We’ve extended the two side posts on each side to add the first layer of base texture, a notably messy phase, but it’s finally starting to resemble a racetrack. The next step is to add some final texture details and then undertake the extensive task of painting.

We are assembling two billboards/advertising boards for the center positions, with the poster designs already prepared. We will share images once completed.

As previously mentioned, these will be detachable for easier transport, designed to slot into the base board.

Lastly, we’ve begun creating the passive weapon tokens. We currently have these printed and mounted on thin card which we use all of the time in our games. However, for the show, we aim to craft more detailed oil and smoke tokens. Time permitting, we may also produce some Extra Damage tokens.

The bases for the tokens have been cut from plastic card and covered with sand.

After priming them in a sand color, we’ve applied a brown wash to enhance the texture. The next phase will involve dry brushing to highlight the details, followed by the addition of oil spills and smoke.


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