Get a Free Copy of “The Last Drifters” in Exchange for Your Honest Review! 

Greetings, fellow Drifters! Ever fancied cruising through a post-apocalyptic wasteland? Dive into The Last Drifters, our latest tabletop game filled with vehicular chaos. We’re fresh on the gaming scene and crave genuine feedback. That’s why we are reaching out to content creators and influencers, small or large, with an offer.

Our Offer 

We invite you to experience the fun gameplay of The Last Drifters, with a complimentary PDF copy of the game in exchange for your honest review. Your genuine thoughts and insights will help us refine and grow as a company and game developers. 

Why Your Review Matters 

As a new company with a very small following, we understand that honest reviews from respected content creators like yourself can make a significant impact. Your authentic assessments will not only help us shape the game’s future but also allow potential players to make informed decisions about The Last Drifters. 

What’s in It for You 

Besides getting your hands on this simple and fun tabletop wargame in PDF format, reviewing The Last Drifters can hopefully offer various benefits for you as a content creator. You’ll have new content to share with your audience, showcasing your expertise in the gaming niche. Additionally, we are happy to extend the opportunity for some content creators to have their review videos featured on our website’s Last Drifters product page (The Last Drifters). Within time, this exposure may lead to increased visibility and new audiences for your content. 
To add to that, once your review is made public, we will also provide you with three additional free copies of The Last Drifters. These copies are yours to give away to your followers or audience in any way you choose, including competitions and giveaways. 

How to Participate 

  • Provide some information about yourself and your content, including your channel/blog name and the platform you use. 

Terms and Conditions 

  • This offer is open to content creators from various platforms (YouTube, blogs, Twitch, etc.). 
  • Reviews should be based on your genuine experience with The Last Drifters, and should be unbiased and transparent. 
  • We encourage you to share both positive aspects and constructive feedback, as we value your honest opinions. 
  • The three free copies for you to give away to your followers/audience will be sent once the review has been made public. 
  • Free copies of The Last Drifters will be provided as discount links through Wargame Vault, priced at £0. Upon redemption, you’ll receive a watermarked version of the PDF file. Please note, each discount link is unique and can only be used once. 

Your reviews will not only be immensely helpful for us but also contribute to the growing community of tabletop gamers and enthusiasts. We are excited to collaborate with you and look forward to hearing your thoughts on our game. Together, let’s conquer the wasteland! 

Thank you for considering our offer, and we can’t wait to embark on this adventure with you! 

If you haven’t already please join our Discord where you can chat about our current and future games.

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