Intro to the Crystalline Wars Card Game

We’re thrilled to announce our progress on our debut card game, Crystalline Wars! Set in the fantastical universe of Fyndoria, Crystalline Wars is a fun and captivating gameplay experience filled with fusions and wizardry. Although the game is nearing completion, there are still a few obstacles to overcome before we can officially launch it. We are currently focusing on designing the box and the rules pamphlet that will accompany the game. Stay tuned for updates on our launch timeline here and on our social media channels.

The world of Eldronia was once embroiled in the tumultuous Crystalline Wars, a devastating conflict that spanned centuries. Factions of powerful wizards fought tooth and nail for control over the most potent fused elemental crystals, which they believed held the key to ultimate power over Eldronia. In Crystalline Wars, you get to step into the shoes of one of these formidable wizards.

The objective of the game is to strategically fuse elemental crystals from your hand to accumulate points. Each elemental crystal card you fuse must be unique, with no duplicates allowed. The more cards you combine, the higher the points you earn. To assist you in your quest, there are special cards that boost your fusions, such as double points and wildcards, as well as cards designed to disrupt or even steal an opponent’s fusion.

Crystalline Wars is a straightforward yet exhilarating game perfect for up to 6 players. Our playtesting sessions, which typically involved 5 participants, revealed the cut-throat nature of the game. Players will do whatever it takes to prevent others from scoring high fusion combinations. If you find yourself targeted by your fellow players, don’t take it personally—it’s likely because you’re on the verge of victory. Despite the fierce competition, our friendships have remained intact, proving that Crystalline Wars is a delightful mix of friendly rivalry and laughter.

The game commences with each player receiving 5 cards. On each turn, players draw one card from the draw pile and can then play one or more fusion combinations using their elemental crystal cards, as well as any special cards. Opponents have the opportunity to disrupt or steal fusions before points are awarded to the respective players. Players must then discard any cards in excess of the 7-card hand limit. The game progresses in a clockwise direction until a card is played that alters the turn order. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey through the magical realm of Eldronia with Crystalline Wars!

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