Wasteland Chronicles – Volume 1. 12 Free Scenarios for The Last Drifters

We’re excited to announce the release of “The Last Drifters: Wasteland Chronicles – Volume 1.” This collection of 12 new scenarios is available as a free download on Wargame Vault, bringing fresh dimensions of strategy and mayhem to the desolate landscapes of The Last Drifters.

Dive into the heart of the wasteland, where danger lurks in every corner, and every decision can be the difference between survival and oblivion. “The Last Drifters: Wasteland Chronicles – Volume 1” offers a range of objectives that add depth and complexity to your battles, challenging both new and veteran players.

Each scenario in this collection is a tale of grit, cunning, and survival. From the haunting echoes of “Radio Blitz” to the relentless pursuit in “Stop That Pigeon,” your strategic skills will be put to the test. Navigate through treacherous terrain and harness the savage beauty of the post-apocalyptic world. With a little adjustment, they could also be used with other vehicular combat rule sets.

Are you ready to face the challenges of the wastelands? Download “The Last Drifters: Wasteland Chronicles – Volume 1” today and step into a world where every choice counts, and every victory is hard-earned. Embrace the chaos and write your legend in the sands of time.

Download on Wargame Vault

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