Crystalline Wars Update

As we continue to expand and enrich the Crystalline Wars experience, we’re excited to provide an in-depth look at some new additions set to debut in the new version of Crystalline Wars the card game.


At the beginning of each game, a random “Battleground” card is drawn. This card introduces specialized abilities that players may activate during their turns, albeit often at a cost. For instance, discarding a water element card could recover 2 health points, whereas discarding an earth element card could cripple an opponent’s fusion, thus reducing its effectiveness.

Typically, the chosen Battleground remains static throughout the game. However, we’ve incorporated cards that can dynamically change the active Battleground.


Each player receives two random “Item” cards at the beginning of the game. These items possess unique abilities that require elemental cards to activate. Some of these item cards can only played once per turn.


Initially conceived as wizard cards, we’ve opted for “Familiars” to better resonate with the narrative that players themselves are wizards. Each player is dealt a single familiar card at the start of the game. These cards lie face-down on the table, creating an air of mystery. Once activated, they are flipped face-up, signalling that they cannot be used again. Familiars can only be played once per game, so adds a layer of strategic play.

All of the cards shown above are still early works, and are likely to change.

Game Modes & Play Styles

While the classic ‘first to 50 points’ mode is still available, we’ve introduced additional modes that emphasize player-versus-player combat, each featuring a set number of lives.

Solo Play:

New decks have been added to the main game that allow for solo play of Crystalline Wars.

Team Play:

Teams can consist of either pairs or trios, accommodating up to six players.

Expansions on the Horizon

We have two potential expansions in the pipeline, aiming to introduce more Battlegrounds, Items, and Familiars.

Companion App

A companion mobile app is under development and will hopefully be available when the Crystalline Wars card game is released. The app will help track lives for all players, including teams.

Release Timeline

While there is substantial work ahead, including further refinement of cards, packaging, and rulebooks, we are hoping to launch Crystalline Wars on Gamefound or Kickstarter before the end of Q2, 2024.

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The Fyndoria.Games Team

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