The Last Drifters: The Race for Iron Serpent Glory – Battle Report


In the sun-scorched ruins of a world undone by war and overpopulation, a whispered rumour has ignited a spark of hope among the desperate drifters and cut-throat gangs that roam the wastelands. The Iron Serpents, a feared and resourceful gang, have discovered a golden opportunity – a heavily guarded convoy will soon be transporting invaluable resources through their territory.

But the Iron Serpents face a problem. They need a driver, someone with nerves of steel and the skill to match, to steer them through the treacherous, bullet-ridden route to seize the convoy. And so, a clandestine race has been organized; the prize is not mere bragging rights or temporary fame but a key role in the upcoming heist and a substantial share of the spoils.


Ylara (Yellow Car) – Driving a light armoured fast car with two linked medium machine guns mounted on the front of the car, and an auto targeting turret with mini-gun on the roof.

Sandman (Blue Car) – Driving a medium armoured car, with two linked light machine guns mounted on the front of the car, and a turret with mini-gun on the roof.

Spyder (Brown Car) – Driving a medium armoured fast car with upgraded suspension, a 40mm grenade launcher mounted on the front of the car, and a turret with heavy machine gun on the roof.

All cars were also fitted with Nitrous Oxide canisters, and turbo-system engine upgrade.

As the sun dips below the horizon, bathing the wastelands in an eerie twilight, our three daring racers rev their engines at the starting line. There’s an electric tension in the air, a mix of desperation and determination. Each knows that the finish line isn’t just a strip of torn-up asphalt; it’s a gateway to a life-altering mission, a chance to rise from drifter to legend.

The engines growl, and with a deafening roar, the race of a lifetime begins.

Turn 1

Ylara, Sandman, and Spyder revved their engines. The roar of the engines shattered the eerie silence, filling the desolate space surrounded by dilapidated buildings and faded billboards. All three drivers slammed their foot on the gas, each accelerating to a speed of 4.

Ylara and Spyder both punched their Nitrous Oxide systems, and with a momentary sputter and then a deafening roar, their cars rocketed forward, leaving an additional 10-inch gap between them and Sandman. It was a move straight out of the speedster’s playbook – a daring leap forward. Though their fingers itched near the triggers of their mounted weapons, they all knew the unspoken rule of this clandestine race: no weapons could be fired until they’ve got around the first bend in the road.

Turn 2

As they approached the first curve of the racetrack, anticipation and raw energy hung heavy in the air. All three racers cranked their speedometers up to 8, tires screeching in protest against the crumbling desert floor. Ylara, ever the tactician, navigated her car through a pair of sharp turns, each executed with surgical precision. Her grip tightened on the steering wheel, but her car obeyed, staying true to her calculated trajectory. Spyder, not to be outdone, also pulled off a sharp turn, his vehicle skimming the edge of the track as he fought for the racing line. Sandman, however, opted for a different strategy. His eyes locked onto the horizon, he gunned his engine and drove a full 8 inches straight ahead, taking a more conservative approach. 

No one had yet rounded the first bend, a silent signal that their deadly arsenal of vehicular weaponry remained momentarily holstered. The tension in the atmosphere was palpable, a loaded pause before an inevitable maelstrom of speed and fury.

Turn 3

The engine’s growl reverberated through the stale air as Ylara, her resolve undeterred, amped up her speed to 12. Her vehicle darted forward, punctuated by two sharp turns that had her briefly questioning the grip of her tires. But her car held firm, and she activated the last reserves of her nitrous oxide, launching her an additional 10 inches ahead like a missile. Sandman, calculating and cool-headed, also dialled his speed up to 12. His movements were methodical, each turn executed with a seasoned driver’s assurance, his vehicle seemingly in perfect harmony with his intentions.

Spyder wasn’t far behind. Also at speed 12, he guided his car through a series of normal turns, every motion practiced and precise. But it was his final play that broke the tension. Flooring the pedal, he engaged his nitrous oxide, propelling himself an extra 10 inches forward. As he surged ahead, his passenger took aim with the roof-mounted heavy machine gun and opened fire on Ylara. The bullets found their mark, causing a single point of damage to her vehicle. The unexpected assault threw Ylara into a momentary panic, causing her to slam on the brakes and reduce her speed by 2. The stakes were escalating, and every inch now counted more than ever.

Turn 4

With the throttle wide open, Sandman pushed his machine to its full speed of 16. Yet, the euphoria of speed was short-lived; his sharp turns proved too difficult to control, costing him valuable speed. At the same moment, Ylara, calculating as ever, activated her auto-firing weapons system without losing momentum. Her weapons were at the ready.

Spyder was all-in, his foot buried deep in the pedal, maxing out his speed. However, the wasteland streets had their own plans. His car careened over some debris, the impact slowing him down and dealing 2 damage to his vehicle. Sandman seized this momentary weakness, targeting Spyder with his roof-mounted mini-gun. The barrels spun, discharging six rounds in a furious salvo, but every shot missed its mark. 

It was Spyder’s turn to steal the limelight. His front-mounted 40mm grenade launcher roared, its payload finding Ylara’s car with devastating accuracy. The impact was severe, causing enough damage to leave her shaken for the rest of the race. The tension was palpable; each driver’s next move would be critical.

Turn 5

As the cars continued to roar down the track, Spyder’s passenger unleashed a volley from the roof-mounted heavy machine gun. The rounds found their target, inflicting 3 points of damage on Ylara and causing her to panic brake, which cut her speed down by 2. Not one to be easily deterred, Ylara dialled her speed up to 14 and navigated her turns with caution. Her roof-mounted mini-gun auto-fired at Spyder, who was shrouded behind obstacles. Of the six shots that rang out, only one found its mark. To cover her tracks, Ylara deployed a smoke bomb, obscuring the road behind her.

Meanwhile, Spyder’s daring driving began to falter. He failed multiple panic brake tests, losing speed and nearly losing control on the last turn. It was a moment that had everyone on the edge of their seats. Amidst this chaos, Sandman was the epitome of focus. He revved his car up to its full speed of 16 and charged down the road with laser-like precision. Seizing an opportunity, Sandman’s passenger took aim at Ylara with their roof-mounted mini-gun. The gun roared, but fortune wasn’t on their side; every bullet missed its target. The stakes were rising, and every choice from here on could make or break their chances at the coveted driving job for the upcoming heist.

Turn 6

The tension on the track was palpable as the cars navigated tight turns and rapid-fire exchanges. Sandman dialled down his speed a notch, skilfully managing his turns to maintain optimal control. Across the track, Ylara pushed her vehicle to the limit, a strategy that backfired as she failed another panic brake test while maneuvering a turn. To obscure her position, she deployed another smoke bomb behind her.

Capitalizing on a close-range opportunity, Sandman’s passenger aimed the roof-mounted mini-gun at Spyder. Five out of the six rounds found their mark, causing significant damage to Spyder’s car. Unfazed, Spyder aced his shaken test, maintaining control despite the mounting pressure. Retaliating, his passenger let loose a spray of bullets at Sandman, landing two solid hits and causing minor damage.

As if catching a second wind, Spyder increased his speed and closed the gap on Ylara. With a press of a button, another grenade launched from his car. The explosion was too much for Ylara’s already damaged vehicle. Metal and smoke filled the air as her car sputtered to a halt, marking her exit from this high-stakes race. Now, with fewer competitors on the track, every decision was even more crucial for the ultimate prize – a role in the grand heist.

Turn 7

Spyder dialled back his speed, caution tingling his nerves as he navigated a challenging turn. The car wobbled dangerously, but he steadied it, passing yet another crucial panic brake test. At the other end of the track, Sandman seized the moment. With his foot slammed on the pedal, he revved to full speed, every fibre of his car humming with raw power.

The air grew thick with the scent of burning rubber and gunpowder as Spyder and Sandman locked into another firefight. Bullets zipped and shells exploded, both landing damaging shots on the other’s vehicle. But it was Sandman’s roof-mounted mini-gun that spoke the final word. A barrage of rounds riddled Spyder’s car, its frame giving in under the intense firepower. A cloud of smoke billowed from the wreckage, signalling Spyder’s end in this fierce competition. With that final play, Sandman emerged as the victor, securing his place in the coveted job that had set this all in motion.


Against the backdrop of dilapidated structures and in the eerie solitude of the desert, Sandman emerges as the victor. The Iron Serpents have found their driver, a maestro of maneuverability and machine guns, for their high-stakes heist.

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