The Last Drifters: Progress Report #4 for Salute 51 Show

This week has seen substantial progress. The track has been enhanced with sand, gravel, and even rocks! A layer of yellow primer has been applied to the surface, and once dried, we proceeded to work on the track-side blocks, wrecked vehicles, and other terrain features, all of which received a quick coat of grey primer.

Another focus has been the track-side poster boards. We have stuck all the images to them, and we’re confident they will look great once mounted. They feature a diverse array of ‘interesting’ advertisements. The graffiti on the back of these boards has also been a task, proving to be more challenging than anticipated. As first-timers graffiti artists, we are hopeful the results will look good.

Here are some snapshots of the posters and graffiti, though more work is needed before completion.

Additionally, the posters have been mounted on two large billboards, one promoting “The Last Drifters” tabletop game, and the other advertising the “Crystalline Wars” card game, styled as a film advertisement.

The poster boards and graffiti will require weathering, to add realism with a bit of dust and grime, aligning with the overall aesthetic of the board.

We’ve also brought the last vehicle up to the same stage as the others; they are all prepped for the final weathering process, which will predominantly include dust effects, particularly on the tires still in primer.

Furthermore, we’ve advanced with the passive weapon tokens, specifically the oil and smoke tokens. The oil isn’t completely dry yet, but once it is, we plan to apply a heavy gloss varnish for the final touch.

The smoke tokens are shaping up well, starting with a thin coat of white paint on the cotton wool, which has begun to harden. We’ve applied some matte varnish and, once dry, will finish them with an airbrush coat of matte varnish for complete sealing.

Join us at Salute 51 at London’s ExCeL on April 13th, 2024, for a chance to play The Last Drifters! We’ll announce our exact location shortly. Looking forward to seeing you there!


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