The Last Drifters: Progress Report #5 for Salute 51 Show

We’ve finally finished the game board, with time to spare before the show!

The board has been varnished, and all the tufts added, many tufts. It took quite some time to affix them all. We’ve also added more graffiti to the backs of the poster boards around the track. Additionally, there’s now an information/track poster board by the track entrance, showcasing the track’s name.

Below are a few pictures of the game board and the vehicles, all set for the show.

Having completed the work on the game board, we had time to create some of the Extra Damage tokens for use in the game. These are simply plastic cards covered in sand and stones, adorned with odd pieces of plastic and sprue to resemble pieces of the vehicles that have fallen on the ground after taking heavy damage. These serve as hazards for the drivers to avoid. They’ll need priming and painting, but we should have them ready well before the show.

Join us at Salute 51 at London’s ExCeL on April 13th, 2024, for a game of The Last Drifters, and a chance to win a copy of The Last Drifters!


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